Friday, May 29, 2009

usha :)

just now, usha2 quotes. these are some quotes from ... =)

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to : my husband :)

:) Pictures, Images and Photos

A Guy. Pictures, Images and Photos

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nite :)


Woot woot ! :)

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Happy asshole day? :) bahaha. be happy, wish your ass :P

hey peeps :)
i'm back .. lalala ~

it's a great day, took a ride on TKH bus. ( i remembered the bus :DD )
okay i'm tired. i mean it. REAL tired :l

nite. tomorrow, okay ? :)

i love you,

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Away to Penang :)

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Going back to the boarding school :)
awwh . i will miss internet !!
urmm it's ok. .

exam is just around the corner. in two weeks lagi exam finale.
wish me luck tau.
hrm, that's all. i will miss you people damn much !!
so long. bye-bye.
and good nite :)

i love you,

Friday, May 1, 2009

i do need homeworks ;(

i don't need hworks. i need to finish it !!! arrgghh . okay, end of expressing weirdoes things..blahh !! whatever. i know. i always talk crappy things. DONE :) today, went to the JJ with my parents to buy NEW black school shoes. yayy ! ok, cuz my old school shoes had ROSAK !! it's just for 4 month. i know, i'm not a good shoes' keeper =l

And then, i also bought a sandal :DD
act. i have three sandals. but all of them are ROSAK !

baru sekejap, sudaa rosakk !! :((
so, i bought a new one :)

well, i also bought a new BAG :))
my bag sudaa rosakk.
zip takleh tutup. nanti letak dalam bus, terburaiii !!

so, bought new one, SWISS POLO :DD
it's BIG :)

thenn, i also bought SIMPLE toner.
my toner will be over... haha
so, bought a new one :))

ohh ohh...
i also bought a ... nevermind. Penat ! ;)

The Pictures : Kene vain siket before pergi JJ :DD

okie dokey, saya penat . Nitey nite :)
Bye bye..

anyway, saya pulang ke maktab on Sunday, 3rd of MEI !! :((

i love you,

In Horror.

(Malay word'oes)

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Lihatlah jari-jemari kakimu, kerana ia lah..
kamu bisa berjalan (haha ! ayaat !!)

Pada jam 1 : 45 pagi.
saya duduk di hadapan komputer.
sedang menaip. menulis di dalam blog..

tiba2 saya terdengar bunyi dari luar bilik.
saya berhenti bertulis.
dan melilau dengan anak mata.
kemudian, tiada bunyi.







rupe- rupe nye.
tiade ape2..

(what am i talking about!! urghh ) :P

okay, kurang takot sedikit :)
itu sahaja.
selamat malam.
semoga bermimpi yang indah2 =}

i love you,