Saturday, February 28, 2009

see ya wanna be ya ^_^

i will be away for 2 weeks i think. well again. to penang.
my examination will be held on tuesday,3 march.

Wish me luck !! :D

i will start my journey to penang on 8 am by tomorrow, sunday 1 March.
okie dokey,i'm starting to pack my things. =D

i love you,


Friday, February 27, 2009

Jumaat haha.

solat jumaat solat jumaat.
okay it's 6.30 pm.

ohh. the lalat. it's not true bahaha. actually my ear Luka.

(: conversation between the doctor and me.

doctor : chicken pox eh?

me : yup, tp nak baek dah. just nak MC. sambung dr hospital parit buntar.and SAKET TELINGA. (feeling it right here, right now)

doctor : okay. ade rase pening2 tak? telinga lagi satu mcmmane?

me : lagi satu ok, yg kanan je. check la, mane tau ade lalat ke, masok... (ok,i don't believe i said that..but i said it)

the doctor put something very big at my ears to see INSIDE.

doctor : (at the left) ok, good.
doctor : (at the right) ohh,, ade luka nih.tade lalat ponn...

me : oh. okay. (i'm speechless) :I

doctor : so, nanti ade ubat titis. just titis dlm telinga. kalau rase gerak2 dlm telinga lepas letak ubat, kemungkinan besar ade lalat. hahaha !

me : (sempat perli la pulak die ni) oh okay. -and then i walked out from the room and went to the farmacy to get the medicine. =)

okay. reminder : when your ears hurt, it means it's luka. and not because of the lalat.

spongebob is better than lalat :)

okie dokey,nak pergi mandi.

i love you,

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

story of my ears. duhh :l

okay since yesterday, my ears hurt a lot. i can feel something walking through the tunnel of my ears. hahaha ! okaay this is serious. and today my nanny told me that it must be something like Lalat. and then i remember..

yesterday, when i landed on my bed. i heard a lalat voice made a 'tawaf' around my head. it buzzed like this " zzeee,, zeeezzee.. " okay that's the buzzing. bahaha :P i think that lalat entered my right ear. well HELLO lalat ! my ear is not your sweet home. ;O

p/s : i hate lalat !!!

maybe, i will go to the hospital tomorrow. to take my continue MC, and to take out the lalat ! i hate you lalat. my nanny said that the doctor will take out the lalat smoothly, so it won't be painful. yayy ! i hope so. and she told me a funny story. hahahahha !

she once had a neighbour at Melaka.her neighbour,ayu (not real name) screamed so loud. because a little cockroach went into her ear. well you know, it's cockroach. emm emm ! :P

picture. just for better post :)

i love you,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

no complaints.

ok no talking.just freezing. idk what to say. just telling that, i change the template again. because i think the grumpy toast template is way too's cute but not for me.

i love you,

Monday, February 23, 2009

no more birthdays,and here goes study :l

ok today here goes the word study again.i was stunned to know that exams will start on 2nd of February.i studied only about sejarah and science at home.i don't know what topics are going to be ask on the Selaras 1 so i just read whatever topics that the teacher taught us before.i NEED to go back to mktab at least on Friday so that i can study on saturday and sunday.

but pn maimon, said that i can come on friday but just to take the timetable for exam,and then i can go back to KL. wtf ? sorry my BELOVED teacher. i'm just expressing my angry mood right now. what do you expect for me to go there just to take a piece of A4 paper printed -timetable of selaras 1- and then just go back to KL which take 5 hours journey.? :l

i'm disappointed in you , pn maimon. hahaha ! i think i will go into the JDM if she read this. blahh. JDM stands for jemaah dicipline pelajar. but the students make it as jamban dalam maktab. bahhaaha :) i like that word. but i like the jamban dalam maktab better. because the JDM, ouhh. that's sucks man. even the couples are in this. they will call the parents and what so ever :P

i'm talking to much but i don't know whether this is worth to read. i don't think that you should read this. but you read continue your reading. hahaha ! i'm sorry, i think i am REALLY crazy today. i'm happy. because of some reasons. and i thought of making it a little secret but it's not good to keep secrets. bahaha. what am i talking about :)

more of crapping. i don't like kerepek. but i like to merepek-repek. hahaha ! well i think i almost make a karangan full with kerepek. well what should i talk about. ohh. i almost forgot that i left my clothes in the pail since the day i left the maktab.hehehe, i hope that it won't leave any bad smells. bahaha :) sorry my roomates aina,fairuz and kak sofea. seriously ! i forgot. the chicken pox almost make me quarantine.but i'm not. and my father make it. he reached my maktab on time :) i love you eventough i know that you are forced to do so. :l

okay too much for a crapping. that's all for now. i promise no more crapping. .for today. haha.sorry i know . sorry =)


Sunday, February 22, 2009


Happy Birthday to my sister, Khairunnisa Kamaruddin.

Picture of KHAIRUNNISA KAMARUDDIN.She is currently in Germany.but i think this is SHE on holiday in London.I stole this pic from her friendster.bahaha :D i'm sorry.She is my second sister.may god bless you.and study rajen2.i'm still using your buy a new number when you're in Malaysia.i'll put more of her pictures .and yes ! she is kinda crazy :)More pictures :)well i think this is making you famous,kaknisa.bahaha :D one more fact,she is a hot-tempered girl.she mewarisi my father .haha

She is landing on who's back ? how do i know. but i can say that it is BIG.

Underground. well well well , hahaha. no idea what to say . wondering , when will I be there . and make a wide smile like that :DD

Like I said,she is crazy.haha. showing her eyes saying : this is the eyes of LONDON.well, that's your eyes. not the eyes of LONDON. and that merry go round sure is BIG. :)

Last picture of the day. This is my sister :) and please ! she is taken. bahaha :D i should put his picture too but for second thought,today is not his birthday.haha

Words for you :Good Luck in your life.Be happy no matter hard this life is.Remember Allah always.Study hard,study smart,and lastly,don't forget us. here, in Malaysia. We miss you :)

again. may Allah bless you =]

to kaknisa : say thank you for this special post at the chat box,please.bahaha :)

this new template : you can't comment :(


change the URL :)

just a little reminder that : i want to change my url to a better name (:

i will change it to Faai Kama on March end holidays =) -again it's holiday. :DD

for end discussion.

from :


well i think this is better . so, i will change it . i give you a month reminder.
look how kind i am . blahhh :P

haha,at least a good reminder :)
ok so long for now.


Saturday, February 21, 2009


not a single word for the title :l

i can say that today is the day to express my feelings the :) the :( the :O the :'( and the :')

i feel happy today and hope for better feelings tomorrow.i've done the chapter 1 revision for history subject and i did the test. I got 18/21 ! hooray :DD for percentage,i don't know.never think bout it..

my thoughts for this : history is all about memorizing our chapter of life.and the chapter one of life is from the day we were born.when i was a baby,i cried a lot.(that's what a baby always do, duhh).okay i can't remember my baby so called- life.i don't have teeth and hair when i'm a baby.i don't even have any 'bulu roma' .haha.what can i say? our circle life is always like the dramas in the television.bahaha :)

second chapter : this time is the time i started my kindergarten.haha i remember something.when i was 5,my mom wanted to send me to tadika twinkle star but i cried A LOT and i almost run away.but my mother is a good police catcher,so she caught me ! haha.okay,she is NOT a police.haha.i love that about kinder,i remember bout kinder BUENO.haha too much thoughts in my mind right now :DD

third chapter : in the primary school.too much to type.i shorten it as,it's wonderful.

okay.i know it's too short.this days are full with pipa,iefa,iera,haslina,aifaa,mimi,alyaa and neesa.fuh.that's almost my gengsters.haha.ok end of story. i don't really like to talk about my primary school. to be honest i don't like primary school. :(

fourth chapter : yay! finally secondary school :DD i applied for mrsm.and i waited for it and study at smk seri bintang utara.for short, SMKSBU.i didn't get the first intake.but i still send for the scond intake.i still didn't make it.and for my surprise,i got the third intake. :)
and here i am now, MJSC Transkrian.for short, MJSC Trans-x.i think it will be changed to trans-Z.haha.i love it my batch.majority : kelantanese.but i love kelantan.their language .. the is unique.this year is my second year there.and i love this year.hheee =)

fifth chapter : should i continue with this chapter?i don't know the rest of the chapter.but i can write what i hope for.. well i will go to the overseas.urmm..take the...actually,i don't even know what my ambition i don't think i can continue with this chapter.

the end.
that's MY BOOK.
and the title is...

i think there is a word for this post's title.
and it is MY BOOK =)
there are more than a word.


Friday, February 20, 2009

As you can see :)

i made new template.

okay it's not exactly like i made it. but it's obviously like i changed to a new template.i hope it don't have any similarity with any other blogger's template. hehe :P

well ,again list for today.

one : waiting for someone to text me,but he don't text me at all. are you mad? i'm sorry :'(

two : still suffering with itchyness but its getting better as i ate the Ranbaxy Lovir medicine.i love the medicine's's so cool ! :DD

three : my friends from mrsm transkrian,well that's my school hurmm.. they called me just now :) mira comel,ain and erda told me that almost 10 students in my class were MC and most of them are because of my chicken pox virus.teehee, i know i'm the biggest peneraju.pity my friends :O

four : i tried to study science today but i can't concentrate ! i kept thinking.. are you mad at me?i don't know what i did but sorry :l

five : now on 8 pm,i want to study sejarah. i hope i i'll concentrate this time and i don't think about Cikgu asnor.haha, FYI, ckgu asnor have this two big black circle at the middle of his forehead.they said that he can read people's mind.well that's kinda creepy to me. ;)

that's all for now,i think so. so long.
i'm still thinking.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

i love chicken. NOT !

no comment for the title :S

at home : since tuesday for 3 MC for 1 week,will go back to Penang on NEXT tuesday.-if i'm okayyy-

I miss you :) well you know who you are and i love you =] (okay. end of blabbering)

today :)

one : izzah texted me and she said that i need to call her back immediately,and i just texted her back. anyway,forgot to tell that izzah exchanged maktab to kerendak,melaka.she is an emo girl.bahaha ok be happy at kerendak,and her sister kak abad/ruqaiyah exchange to mrsm jasin,melaka too.. bye happy siblings :)

two : chicken pox and its itchyness ! urghh i don't scratch it but we don't know what our fingers can do while were sleeping.. hahaha ok what ever. i think i scratch my body while i'm sleeping. okayy. my bad !

three : i'm charging my phone so text me after an hour.

four : oh. right now 9.07 pm. my body feels sooooooooooooooooo itchy !

five : exams is getting nearer in two weeks time. i study in my sleep hahaha. ohh god !

six : pity the palestins.boycott israel ! i love mcdonald,but i need to help my ISLAM. help palestins children.they need love and ummi abi !

this is a poem by a child of palestin . think of it :'(


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chicken Pox la sayang :(

dapat virus chicken pox la pulee :((

ok fyi,it's been 3 days.
i guess so.and the chicken pox is getting worst.
and so on, i'm at home :DD

i got MC from hospital parit buntar perak.ohh parit ! :P for 1 week :)) but it's so sad as exams are getting nearer. urghh ! nothing much to say. just wish me (get well soon). hahaha ^_^