Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goodbye peeps! ;)

so long, bye-bye~
i'm going back tommorrow,

don't miss me too much,
yet you will suffer a lot,
becauseeee I don'ttt knoww....
YOU, stalkers

(sedang menyanyi dengan merdu)

Hello peeps :) today, i mean, tonight, is the last time i switch on this 'Apple so called' computer.THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

Is today 2010 already? HAHAHA it's funny to know that i grew up a lot now :) this year is a grand year for me, and my batch-mates. we are going to go through a big examination. well, i think everyone in Malaysia knows about this exam. it's PMR duhh.

I really hope that i will get good results this time, seriously, in my head study is the main thing. GO GO GO !

I guess i'm not going to play-play anymore, play 'ejek-mengejek' with Rais,

Rais said " HAHA pelik!"

"Ish! Dasar Janggal. Rais Janggy @_@" I said.

well, HAHAHHAHAA very funny. i remembered something, there are some wakafs in our maktab. For those who don't know what's the meaning of wakaf, SEARCH ON GOOGLE.

On teachers day, i think. 2 Amenable decided to make a party for En Asnor tersayangg in the Dewan Selera. After that, some of us lepak-lepak at the wakaf. Half only, half girls, half boys.*(actually, i don't really remember when)SORRY.

i hold a pencil, i climb on the rock chair, and wrote something on the ceiling.

"RJ , equal to Rais Janggy"

then, Rais nak balas dendam.

he wrote balek " FB"

HAHAHHA that was funny. i think, until now, the doodles are still there. HAHAHA

what's more eh? about 2009 ;)

well,ape kate cakap pasal kelas baru, on sem 2?

well, ade sorang ni her name is Aireen Adlina. She is very cute ! She loves to edit photos, and ohh SHE'S VAIN for herself. LOL

She asked me to upload her pics in my bloggie, but i'm using apple right now, so sorry dear! tak dapat upload :(( later-later on okay? :)

um, Muhamad Syafiq b Abdul Aziz,iloveyou.HAHA i don't know what to write about him.


well, i grabbed some cool photos.

heels Pictures, Images and Photos

awhh cute! i guess i will never get a chance to wear it, because i'm tall enough :((

color splash Pictures, Images and Photos

sooooo cute. eh sedapnye ;) long time no eat tembikaii

color splash Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh, my favourite animal, zebra. but, i don't like it colourful. i love it black and white, plain :)

Snowy Winter Pictures, Images and Photos

don't you see it? SNOW. i just want to be successful. live in a country with snow. thank you.

Photography Pictures, Images and Photos

COOL <3>

Don't miss me pulak, nanti jatuh sakit sebab rindu sangat. HAHAHA joking XD

Stay healthy,
Be happy.