Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthday wish on January :)

early birthday wish and belated birthday wish :P
for my friends and relatives.

number one wish for Hazwan on 16 January.

number two for Neesa on 20 January.

number three for Ainal on 24 January.

number four for Anzar on hurmm today. 26 january.

number five for Fairuz Husna on 31 January.

number six is on 31 January too. It's my mummy's birthday !! her actual name : Maznah =)

i think that's all my birthday wish. you should be thankful for my wish. hurmm :P

Happy Birthday People :DD

bye bye people. away for idk. but away from tomorrow,hari selasa :)


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back back backy loove :) and Happy Chinese New Year.

Saya sudah pulang .

okayy i will talk bout my worst day ever :((
we supposed to be on transnasional bus on 12. 20 pm but for bad luck we missed the bus..we thought it's because of the kfc.we knew that the kfc is the BOYCOTT ISRAEL . duhh but we still ate there.maybe Allah wants to show us the *pembalasan*.ok we missed for about 10 minutes only and the bus gone . ellis cried because well it's something horrible isn't it..

Then,we went to the Maraliner station.the uncle gave RM 3 discount each person. there were 5 of us. we took our bus on 3.30 pm.well it's real annoying. -___-'

okay.we waited there for 4 hours and just sit THERE. kami suda serik laa :((. we just sit and don't go anywhere.and FYI ,the bus reached at the Parit Buntar station on 4's suppose to be on 3.30 pm.urghh that's sucks man ;O

and the Maraliner uncle said "tu bas baru tu baru buat tau". i was like ,okaayy my lovey dovey uncle :P okay it don't looked like a new clean's like a more thinggo,it's (something) travels and blablablah.well that's the bus name . duhh

when the bus arrived. we put our bag in the bonet.and when i turned round,the driver said "tu ade minyak tuh,jangan pijak!"i stopped and freezed. i made a freaky look and said OKAYY !!..and then i walked into the bus.the journey was boring. on 8.30 i think.we arrived at Kuala Lumpur.yay yay !one more tragedy happened. the driver asked all of the passengers to stop at the Puduraya station.we supposed to stop at the Duta okayy my love uncle..urghh :((

so we walked to the station and called our parents.i asked the PAKGUARD.and then my father came and fetched me there.haha funny WORST day.

end of story.

tired lamo.
bye boy.-this wish is especially for Adelin.they called her boy.haha sorry.

and happy birthday wish for's on 20 january 2009

next happy birthday wish for Ainal on 24 January 2009..

happy birthday girls :D


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bye bye people..wuaa !! ;O

away for one month i think . duhh .

i'll be away for one month.but i hope that i can post at the library laa.huhu sad sad. and one of my friends kat situ will change to another MRSM. it's MRSM Alor Gajah i think. She is such a funky friend. die selalu kecoh-kecoh. she's my roomate di MRSM last year. i can't hear the kecoh2 things from her big sexy mouth anymore. =(( well she is the sexiest in our dorm.pewiitt ! . watch out guys.haha XD next year da tade the sexiest girl of the dorm daa !! waa. tape laa let's meet kat MRSM Jasin form 4 later eyhh..haha i'm hoping for that school. haha but i don't think i am qualified to be with the pandai2 ones. =P

tomorrow kene wake up on 6.00 am, ta boley bangun lambat daa..My cousin will send me to Penang. alaa who will be my roomates next year??!!! i hope not the annoying ones. like.... oh it's secret. hehe i don't think i should say it out loud in public.okayy let's just talk about 2008 as 2009 is heading our life. omg ! it's especially for Penang-ians. So, i'll write in Penang wordoes.

B125 in memories =) Meh kami nak habaq sket. meh ramai2 lawat B125 : yayy !

B125 adalah bilik yang paling funky di Asrama Mrsm Transkrian. Okayy asrama Puteri laa. duhh. Pada mula pembukaan maktab ini, bilik ini dihuni oleh ... urmm how do i know? ok pada tahun 2008,bilik ini telah dihuni oleh empat orang budak hingusan yang berasal daripada Kuala Lumpur. Depa ni mai dafta kat maktab ni hari yang same.kecuali ada salah seorang daripada mereka yang terdafta awal sehari. namanya iman.Iman telah mendaftakan diri pada hari Isnin, hari di mana holiday ! Puan maimon iaitu Penolong Kanan di maktab itu memberitahu bahawa beliau tidak dapat menghubungi pihak Iman tentang hari yang cuti itu. Pada hari yang memang sepatutnya didaftar oleh depa ,Faai telah tidur di sebuah hotel dan mendapati bahawa penghuni di bilik sebelahnya adalah bakal sebilik dengannya iaitu Nisa. depaa agak terkejut kerana mungkin depa ditakdirkan bersama. okayy i'm not talking bout love life here *__~

Bilik B125 adalah bilik laluan setan-setan.huahuahua. okayy whatever. but it's true. depa,budak2 laen kate yang bilik tu tempat laluan syaitan !! seriously whatever. penghuni2 bilik itu cuba untuk menabahkan diri.penghuni2 bilik itu juga bersatu hati dan sering berkongsi masalah. Cik Penakut di bilik itu ialah Ainal.dia amat penakut la orangnye. jika hujan turun dengan lebat, die akan melompat ke katil iman and memeluk iman dengan erat.

Depa penah maen macam2 bende.maen Bedak War ! haha and banyak lagii.maen touch and go pon penah juge. anyway,you should try the touch and go game. haha

okayy that's all i think i'm still talking crappy here. i'm done with packing, my uniform da ironed ! i'm ready for new thinggo in Mrsm Transkrian. whatever, okayy so long people. just leave any message at my chatbox. thank you and don't live in crappy days. urgghh . =P


Friday, January 2, 2009

Packing for Penangster ! =) crappy muchies.

Back to Penang.Continue my studies.Forget all the past past past BAD things happened to me.Try to be a new NICE girl . arrgghh !!! ok i admit that i am extremely a Baaad girl last year.well it's Penang,Penang is a good place. and it's on PAS. ok i mean it's more to Islamic.and para alim-ah ,and i think they really reallyyy don't like Kay L citizens. i don't know anything about them but they are soo mean ! haha XD

Merapu-rapu aje.sorry eh Penang-ians, i shouldn't insult your place. oh i didn't insult ! soorry people. i'm just stressed out ! X(

Now, let's talk bout REAL thing. i mean it, real thinggo.

i'm packing for Penang. Hrm,, let's see. One giant bag,one bag full with books (now, still thinking bout books),one BIG handbag,a pinky school bag (i use last year's bag coz my parents not here,they went for Haji,it's hard to find the best bag of the year.haha) and two cute boxes =) i love them, it's orange colour with black stripes with a cat on it . meeoooww ! =P why should i tell y'all bout this? ok fine. just for your info =P take it or leave it. - stress ! -

What i feel . -__-'

i feel so sad and boring and STRESS ! omg. i just don't know how to express my feelings. just merepek-repek di sini. sorry to waste your precious time by reading this crap.i am evil. Bweekk ! XD

What should i do :l

well i should sleep now.i'm trying to sleep early so that i can sleep early di MRSM later.ok it's crappy. the end.

What ever loser .

ok i'm talking bout me. not insulting you okayy ! stop calling me loser then. i am soo not loser. i'm just a crazy.. urmm faggot?. ok NOT ! hahaha XD again it's crappy.

Sorry yang amat laa bcoz i'm wasting your time with this crappy post. just expressing my feelings. i'll let you play one game, at least it's not a waste to open my blog =) you can play an interesting game ! now let me hear Hooray ! from you (: now that makes me happier and not crappier.duhh =P

Free myspace games - Free blog games

well it's kinda annoying to wait for the loading. Just be patient okayy . thanks :)
and reminder : this game is some kind of idiot freak. i hate this game haha XD
well even the game is a crap thinggo . Bwekk !!

okayy nitey nite. have a crappy dream with me in your dream. haha, i hope i will be in your crappy dream as the heroin role XD

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Real New Year babe :DD

I made countdown 10 seconds before 12. And puff ! it’s firecrackers bombastic time on 12 strike. i jumped and shouted hooray ! welcome 2009 =) It was real good.

Doom ! Daam ! haha it lasted for 10 minutes.

I opened the window widely. Wuu. Ghost out there.haha,not tonight ghosts ! it’s kinda cold .
the time I opened the window, I was thinking about my unfortunate life. am I going to be someone useful one day.or am I going to be a toilet cleaner ? OMG ! no wayy ! i’ve never thought of being a toilet cleaner ! I don’t wanna have any business with shits around me ! I don’t like watching anyone pee or poo ..haha, except if terpakse !

I felt the wind blowing through my cheek and it was wonderful. The wind was like telling me not to worry about my life. And I’m trying to forget my past fcuking shitty years with a new year. I hope you’re not lying as you’re my first hope in 2009, Mr Wind.

Mr wind dropped by to tell me how my life will be. I think he went to budak-budak laen who need fresh air on new year. It must be hot on new year because of the firecracker. well it's FIRE . Haha. Well I’m not hot at that time. Just wearing sleeveless ‘baju tido’ . haha that’s not what I mean. jk. jk. 0_0 after Mr Wind told me about ME, he left me alone like how everyone always did to me. well it looks like my life will never change.

i'm trying to sleep early tonight. but thinking of new year. it's impossible to sleep on 8 pm when my normal nighties is on 3 am. Okay 3 am on holidays and exams days. Unfortunately, holidays almost OUT ! please note this, people ! it’s back to school. :((

it's 12.46 am. 46 minutes 37 seconds after 2009. it's the details :P

and i'm still writing in this blog with my first entry of January 2009. My second month being a writer. look ! i'm still writing in this blog using blogspot system. when will i have my own blog??

hrm, that's better. owhh when will i have that? :((
i hate you damn much blog ! ;O

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Comment Graphics

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have a sweet new year . well, mine, is sour .

ilysm, bloggie =)