Saturday, June 13, 2009

Away to penang ..........AGAIN ! :)

Back to the jr. college? sometimes it's sad, sometimes it's happy !! :D

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okay, i'll leave you all with this cute little kitten. it is soo cute :)
this kitten will cheer you guys :D


Friday, June 12, 2009

Only Two Alpha :)

Before the holidays, we (2 Alpha), created names for our class members.
but, half only mehh :)

1) Nurul Ain bt Abdullah Shani ~ Ain Shani

2) Norhasiah bt Nasaruddin ~ Ecahruddin

3) Fatin Nabilah bt Azmi ~ Fanami

4) Nurul Amirah bt Roslan ~ Miraros

5) Nadia bt Rozlan ~ Nadlan

6) Zuriati ~ Zuriban

7) Nur Amirah bt Azim Looy ~ Mimi Looy (long tradition)

my other classmates are..

Erda, Adilah, Zalikha, Sikin, K-oun, Hidayah, Zatil, Bavitra :)

Rais, Ehsan, Hafiy, Hazwan, Syafiq, Syahmi, Ameen, Hazim, Anzar, Bob, Prashant, Acap, Akmal, Naim, Al-Qashah =)

2008, kami tak unite, kami tak bersama, kami tak baik, kami tak selalu together.

2009,we are unite, we are always good, we can't be separated,we are together.

But, now, our headmaster, once said..

" Mungkin lepas sem2 ni, kelas akan dirombak, Ting. 1,2 dan 3."

Ramai orang kate..

" Diorang mayb nak rombak ikut, baik,jahat,pandai,tak pandai."

alaaaa... nape rombak cikgu !!!
kami baru nak unite, kami dah biasa dengan classmates, kami sayang classmates kami !!

You want to change our class's name, kami redha.
Dari 2 Alpha ke 2 Astronomi? Apekah ?!!

But if you want to rombak-rombak .. kami tak ley terima.

We loove class Two Alpha Batch 09 MRSM Transkrian !! :)

p/s : fuhh. penat meluahkan perasaan. hahaaha ! sorry, for the jiwangs words.
act, tade topic da, expressing feelings is good too, rite? :)

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i <3>

Sunday, June 7, 2009

sate kajang :D

I loooove to eat :D i don't like sate, but, guess, it's not a crime to try, right? :)

Yesterday, on 6 June 2009. Abah, Yana, Azryl and I went to a Restaurant stated at Kajang. I think, it's easier to call it as Satey Kajang :)

When we first reached there, kami dilayan oleh seorang pelayan yang memakai baju pelayan.. haha, yeah. I'm not really interested in sate,so Yana and I went to another restaurant to buy mee bandung.

(keadaan di situ sangat bisng, kerana ada penyanyi yang sedang menyanyi)
Yana : mee bandung satu, mee jawa satu..

Lelaki : huh?? ohh ok2

~datang seorang makcik,pule~

makcik : nak ape? (tp Yana kate die tak dengar langsong)

Yana : nk mee bandung satu, mee jawa satu.

makcik : maaf dah habes. Yana : hbes tu, ade ape?

makcik : semua habess .

Yana and Faai : *speechless

We went back to our table. We ate 15 chicken satey and 15 meat satey.

End of story, at least we eat something, rite? :)

These are the pictures we took at the restaurant :D with captions.

Trying to balance the straw on my upper lips :)

My face is too BULAT :) We are siblings.

Siblings 4 ever :DD

saya macam orang gila . azryl pon same :P

no caption :l

enjoy yourself at home. make this blog yours :)

i <3>

Thursday, June 4, 2009

virtual girlfriend :)

This is funny. i don't expect any guy to take this woman as a girlfriend
Not a good girlfriend.
because, they don't have feelings :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

First birthday wish on June :D

Hello. His name is Najee bin (idknow)..
today is a special day for him.
guess what?

Hari lahir ! :DD
okay, it's on 2nd June.
He is a Form four student.

Copy from his about me section in MYSPACE (:

About me:
im grateful on being born as najee . i like talk about others . i am really a sleepholic person . i like to USAHA people as well . not really actually . love to watch The Covenant . a no-anime-in-my-life person . and also a cat-holic . like to cheat people . most said im good , but im not as expected . im a love-outdoor-game person . use to receive imported things from other country . like Levi’s , Calvin Klein , Converse , DCShoeCousa . currently studying at a go-to-hell-principal boarding school . im addicted to strawberry . love pathetic people . hate miserable person . i hate on put too many pictures in my account . i enjoy reading comments . i prefer muzick than cartoons . prefer cartoons than edu . hate politics . love my cats . love to be well-known . love someone talk to me . like harry potter books a lot . currently waiting for SPM result . just get into 16 . suede sixteen . hate examination . love chemistry and modern mathematics . hate history and biology . hate sam or sut or din . hate nazih a lot . im so artistic . preferring GTA Vice City rather than GTA San Andreas . hate go to IOI mall . prefer Pavillion , Time Square , Mid Valley and Sunway Pyramid . love to hang . dislike shopping . window shopping just nice . like emoticons . currently living in Shah Alam . wish to go to United Kingdom again . traveling is in my blood . curios on knowing about famous people . universal music . no talk about too-hardcore music . not use to jazz . use to R&B . hate fat-think-thin people . hate just-say-it people . love surfing . internet as well . prefer phone than MP3 . prefer MP3 than MP4 . love Sony brand . dislike Philip brand . don’t know how to go to the Curve . like Golden Screen Cinemas and Tanjung Golden Village . dislike Cathay . currently using Nokia 7610 Supernova . prefer Britney than David Cook . paramore likes to run in my blood . love English muzick than malay . love to make chaos . creating my own simple boulevard . kinda awkward .lastly , unique .

Now , you know him :)

Happy Birthday, Najee !
May Allah bless you :D

nway, my birthday is on this month too
wish me on 19 June :)

Sad story :(

hello. this vid full with sadness. such a sweet story. you should watch this. i didn't cry but almost cry.. huhu :(
it's a great story, i loved it. i know, you love it too :)

i love you,