Sunday, June 7, 2009

sate kajang :D

I loooove to eat :D i don't like sate, but, guess, it's not a crime to try, right? :)

Yesterday, on 6 June 2009. Abah, Yana, Azryl and I went to a Restaurant stated at Kajang. I think, it's easier to call it as Satey Kajang :)

When we first reached there, kami dilayan oleh seorang pelayan yang memakai baju pelayan.. haha, yeah. I'm not really interested in sate,so Yana and I went to another restaurant to buy mee bandung.

(keadaan di situ sangat bisng, kerana ada penyanyi yang sedang menyanyi)
Yana : mee bandung satu, mee jawa satu..

Lelaki : huh?? ohh ok2

~datang seorang makcik,pule~

makcik : nak ape? (tp Yana kate die tak dengar langsong)

Yana : nk mee bandung satu, mee jawa satu.

makcik : maaf dah habes. Yana : hbes tu, ade ape?

makcik : semua habess .

Yana and Faai : *speechless

We went back to our table. We ate 15 chicken satey and 15 meat satey.

End of story, at least we eat something, rite? :)

These are the pictures we took at the restaurant :D with captions.

Trying to balance the straw on my upper lips :)

My face is too BULAT :) We are siblings.

Siblings 4 ever :DD

saya macam orang gila . azryl pon same :P

no caption :l

enjoy yourself at home. make this blog yours :)

i <3>