Thursday, December 31, 2009

No New Year for this year. HARAM

copied from my friend's SMS :

perhatian buatmu wahai umat Islam..bila tiba 31dsember,berapa ramaikah yang bersedia meraikan tahun baru? Tp sedarkah mereka bahawa tlh difatwakan oleh Sheikh al-Azhar,Sheikh Tantawi,Sheikh Yusof al-Qordawi, dan ulama comtemporary bahawa menyambut tahun baru bererti menyambut ulang tahun hari jadi tuhan yahudi dan kristian.Bagi mereka yang tidak tahu,hukumnya fasiq (berdosa besar). tapi bagi yang sudah tahu,hukumnya murtad.Sbarkanlah kepada umat islam sebanyak mana, semampu anda...

(i did my best, by telling all of my blog readers that celebrating new year is HARAM in Islam.)

i just got this SMS 5 minutes ago. well, like all of you, i just knew about this, so its fasiq. i thought of making a post about A HAPPY NEW YEAR, but i guess now, i gave a different one.

thank you, and have nice days in 2010 :)

stay healthy,
be happy.

another way of hijjab :)

this is even better, and beware :)

stay healthy,
be happy.

Monday, December 28, 2009

i'm back : the hijjab :)

today's topic. Hijjab. for better word, tudung, skarf, what's more?

watch this video. especially for women, girls, ladies :D GRABBED FROM YOUTUBE.

Women, girls, ladies.
Remember, everything that you do is always under ALLAH's sight. You don't have to lose anything, right? i guess, no defend for this one ;D

stay healthy,
be happy.

Friday, December 25, 2009

10th months we're together,

I guess this will make you understand :)

Hello XD
25th February 2009. on 11.05 pm,
doing the research. HAHA apekah? tibe tibe je.

i will be away to Kemaman,Terengganu.
from today, until sunday.
it's just like holiday for christmas.
but,hell no. not for christmas.

*gila ke, HARAAAAMMM!

back to the topic.
some pictures, not me & you.
these are just normal pictures :)

He sketched on his table.
* tengok la sendiri,
kalau tak faham , buat tak tahu sudaa

The BEAR. he gave it <3

That's all. lame nak upload picture la at the moment. ish. nak pergi terengganu dah ni. bye33!!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

He called me Teacher Tin.

Starting from yesterday,
i'm a teacher.

well, not a teacher in a school.

a private teacher.


I teached him the letter A, B, C and D. that's all. (in two hours) *what a waste of time.
He's a kiddo, so he cried a lot. He don't have any interest in studying. HUH.

therefore, i hold a HANGER while teaching him,
you know, a teacher will punish he/she 's student if they make mistakes. hehe

i really LOOOVE to punish him

(at least my paren
ts will never scold me for punishing him)

here are some pictures i took while teaching him :)

This is the exercises for him. LOOK! only abc learning.
I don't know why this picture is upside down. well, he's sulking at the moment.
i hate it when he sulks ;O
awwwhh, he's crying. (i pulled his ear) -______-'
i still don't know why this picture is *sengeetttt.
i rotated the picture, but well, like you see nothing happen.
I give him a rest. for about 10 seconds.
who said i'm cruel?!

* i'm just too serious. hehe
Yayy this picture is okay.
i know, you must be thinking, what's he's doing?
duh. peeing & pooing of course.
(while in my class,which is on the bed)
The End. He's showing the next lesson. which is the letter E.
Be a clever boy, Azryl.

(i'm sorry)

ENJOY ! :)
p/s : i love my little brother ;D

ATTENTION! to the parents out there,
if you want a GOOD,and TALENTED,

private teacher for your child

here is your chance !



(punishments, sebarang luka2 ringan tidak akan diendahkan) XD

guarantee, your child will be a genius.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

awhhh ;)

Our Song - Taylor Swift.

I was riding shotgun with my hair undone
In the front seat of his car
He's got a one-hand feel on the steering wheel
The other on my heart

I look around, turn the radio down
He says, ?Baby is something wrong??
I say, ?Nothing I was just thinking
How we don't have a song? and he says

Our song is the slamming screen door
Sneakin' out late, tapping on your window
When we're on the phone and you talk real slow
'Cause it's late and your mama don't know

Our song is the way you laugh
The first date man, I didn't kiss her and I should have
And when I got home, 'fore I said amen
Asking God if He could play it again

I was walking up the front porch steps
After everything that day
Had gone all wrong or been trampled on
And lost and thrown away

Got to the hallway, well, on my way
To my lovin' bed
I almost didn't notice all the roses
And the note that said

Our song is the slamming screen door
Sneakin' out late, tapping on your window
When we're on the phone and you talk real slow
'Cause it's late and your mama don't know

Our song is the way you laugh
The first date man, I didn't kiss her and I should have
And when I got home, 'fore I said amen
Asking God if He could play it again

I've heard every album, listened to the radio
Waited for something to come along
That was as good as our song

'Cause our song is the slamming screen door
Sneakin' out late, tapping on his window
When we're on the phone and he talks real slow
'Cause it's late and his mama don't know

Our song is the way he laughs
The first date man, I didn't kiss him and I should have
And when I got home, 'fore I said amen
Asking God if He could play it again
Play it again, oh, yeah, oh, oh, yeah

I was riding shotgun with my hair undone
In the front seat of his car
I grabbed a pen and an old napkin
And I wrote down our song

( the bold one, is the main content for my topic for today)

Hello :)

i karaoke-ed in a website (karaokeparty).

and i karaoke-ed this song. and i love their song :D

okay, not THIS song. i mean, the meaning of this song. i love it.

just read through the song, with no music ! :) you'll know what i mean.


Monday, December 21, 2009

morning peeps ;)

hello :) it's noon already.

i'm working on my homework (sejarah) in front of the computer.
fuh 2 weeks more, and i'm off to go to Penang !
i missed my friends :DDD
well, next year i have to go through a big examination huh.
i hope i will get the best.

maybe, 8A's PLUS PLUS PLUS ! ^^

wish me luck TAU TAU TAU ! hehe :)

seriously, tak sangke pulak pejam celik, pejam celik dah nak form 3 dah.
and then form 4. pastu naek form 5. the biggest exam pulak SPM !

after that, kalau dapat good result, berangan nak p UK. insyaALLAH ~ kalau ade rezeki.
and then graduate laaa ape ape semua.

balek Malaysia... be a good lawyer tee hee ;)
open my own firm. (cita-cita tinggi melangit pule)


ade org meminang pulak. ape lagi? kahwin la cepat cepat :D

and then i'm MARRIED, and happily ever after~

ehh tak habis lagi, and then dapat anak pulak. a cute little baby.

pastu, jd ibu yang berkerjaya :D lepas da ade 6 anak..

anak semua da kawin, pastu, ehh WAIT.

why am i talking about my children? what happen to me ? i'm a deceased.

insyaALLAH, roh ku, dicucuri rahmat ameen ~~~ ^______^

(tibe tibe je pikir pelik pelik hari ni)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

PINK meh?

everything's pink. HAHA i don't know, but it looks cute to me :D

i've added a song in my blog. it's not really a SONG. ita piano melody. it's so soft and cute ! you should hear it. hehe. okay, that's all.

Did i mention earlier that i'm MALAS?


Friday, December 18, 2009

today i want to talk about my family. it's not easy to talk about my family, you know. what ever it is, i love my family :)

HAHA that's all. tired.sleepy.
nite. :D

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Laziness .

currently, i am very busy with my homework. the laptop is not working at the moment. i'm using computer (PC) now. fuhh i don't like PC its damn slow :(

Therefore, i don't have any mood to type. no monkeys on the keyboard, ANYMORE !! huargghh i want the laptop. its okay :DD *happy again?

i'm tired, gloomy, lazy. but i love homework :DDD you SHOULD love it too. (thats an advice) HAHA

photography Pictures, Images and Photos
I will be the doing that soon. InsyaALLAH :)

Color Splash Pictures, Images and Photos

Ya ALLAH. that is soooo cute :D my future baby in 10 years time will be more cute than this baby. HAHA , its not wrong to think about the future right? :)

pop colour egg Pictures, Images and Photos

its kinda cool. HAHA. its an egg. TELUR MASIN*
ehh no no. telur itik ! :D

Keep walking
-John Walker-


Monday, December 7, 2009

I love Personas Firefox :D

Do you want different browsers everyday? Well, its time to change people. I found out about Personas in Firefox. Its totally COOL. Go ! Go! MOZILLA FIREFOX :)

Watch this :) P/S : This is especially for Firefox users :D support Firefox.

Well, You can download in this website :)

Anyway, today is my father's birthday :)


Sunday, December 6, 2009

United Kingdom :D

My dream is to further my studies in UK. well, not ulu kelang, its united kingdom.

How to make is successful as I wish? Make a quote, I CAN DO IT ! I CAN DO IT ! haha NOPE.its all about effort.Our own effort. From exams, to exams, and so on.

"How can you think about something so far away, ahead?"

Well, we should think about it now ppl. i'm already fourteen turning fifteen.A few years to go, and i'll be sitting in SPM. SPM, an exam which will set our future. MY FUTURE. My father always said,

"Amek la lawyer, jadi lawyer. You should be an international Lawyer."

Therefore, i searched on google.and i found out that international law is about the relationship between states and international organizations. It includes the following specific legal field such as the treaty law, law of sea, international criminal law and the international humanitarian law.

For example, do you remember about PULAU BATU PUTIH? or, PEDRA BRANCA.

it's the fight between Malaysia and Singapore. Malaysia claimed that Pulau Batu Putih is under Malaysia's authority.Singapore wants to take their Pedra Branca.Therefore, Malaysia and Singapore take this issues to the Court.

I am Malaysian and i am sad too, as Singapore won the case. Long long time ago, this Pulau Batu Putih is Malaysia's authority. Malaysia gave rights to Singaporean to develop Pulau Batu Puteh. and now, they are trying to take away our Plau Batu putih. I didn't create that story. My father told me that. :D

What ever it is, Singapore won. I hope that i will win many cases when i am an international lawyer. eheheh insyaAllah ameen ~ :)

ABout 5 minutes ago, i searched on Pulau Ba....
Then, i'm shocked because i have just found out that in Malaysia, There is PULAU BABI BESAR !! HAHA i laugh out loud :DD

Pulau Babi Besar, which is stated in Mersing, Johor, Malaysia. Johor,
i was born there,NO, its Johor Bahru :D

The water is purely heaven ! :) beautiful.
Sebenarnya tak tau la, search picture ni kat google, dapat, label dy, PULAU BABI je :P

Anyway, result for final exam? I got 3.64 for final PNG ! ALHAMDULLILAH :) thanks. for your pray :D my target for next year, 3.7 and above, OKAY ?
I got anugerah Pengetua. :) ouch. i don't want to eat with the pengetua wawawahhh :O

so long,