Tuesday, April 28, 2009

crazy :DD

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hey peeps. i changed the blog. hee :) i don't say that life's suck ! it's Jacob Black. bahaaha :P
today were talking about how good life could be.
ignore that Jacob Black. he's Black. -_____~'
i love my life and i'm enjoying it truthly.
but sometimes problems occur and that time is when we really feel our life :) (i created the sentence,JIWANG !)

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okaay, we only have ONE tiny precious life.
were not like cats. they do have 9 lives but their live is not as precious as ours.

ohh, cats are CUTE ! :D especially kittens.

sambung ~

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ohh what a cute litle girl :B
we can choose our life. if you want to live with him, marry him :)
like me, i'm married, people. on aged 14. funny. bahahaaa . whatever.
choose your love, good studies, and what so ever.. lalala~~~

again, she's cute with two pony tails. :))

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That's me. i always smile. but they never know that a smile hides thousands tears.
i don't know. i always smile, even if i had a problem, small or big probs.
sometimes my friends will be angry with me, because i smiled.
lately, i had problems at school with lonex and my friends.
but i'm still smiling. and they scolded me. i dknow,it's just a typical me.

A : wey ko ni senyum lagi..aku tga bengang nih.
me : mane tau, senyum je la. senyuman itu membawa seribu makne.
A : seribu makne, gembire la?
me : seribu makne, byk la bodoh. sedih, gembire.hang nk tau buat pe..
A : bongok la .tga bengang nih, ustaz maen tampar je..die tanye aku,aku jawab..
pastu die ley kate (menjawab,menjawab)..tak ke pelik ustaz tu ;o
me : sian hang. (still smiling and buat die bengang gilee) :P

okaay, that's all 4 today. be happy :)

i love you,

Don't admit.

there's nothing to write with the title.
it's getting better.nothing to talk about.

she knows, he knows..
let me marry him. hahaaha :)
okay real story,

my adek punye hidung berdarah !
last week he played at his tadika and fell down on the sliding stairs.
i know it's hurt. and my daddy said, esok pegi klinik.. adek saya mau exam sudaa !
last nite i teached him to read,hafal and write. that time ,when his nose bleeding.
so, die cm malas2 nk study suda. pity you sayang :(

okayy, doakan my adek's health :)
thank you, so long.

i love you,

Sunday, April 26, 2009

when feelings mix =S

Let the tears begin.
why? i don't know. it just came out of nowhere.things something made me sad.My studies is getting worst. and my parents said that they will change me to another school if my result this year end is bad.

they never understand me.there are so many other students that lack on sem 1. it's normal. i will try harder. but please, give me space to breath. do they give me anything? nothing. when i step my feet on the house, my parents will say that i ruined their life and what so ever. am i really a troublemaker? i can't cry in front of them. i never cry in front of anyone. i cry alone. in a room, ALONE. they don't care about me, and now? they want to choose my way of life.

i know, no one heard of parents dislike their children. but this is my life. believe me,it's me.sometimes, when i flashback my mind. my life is promblematic. since i was a small girl, i don't feel like a SMALL girl. they don't give me space to breath. i'm begging. i need space. until now, they still control my life. it's not exactly control my life, but they want me to do what they want.

i don't really care about that. but please, even if you both don't like me, please act like you love me. i know i'm not BIJAK like my sisters. i know i'm the worst among all. but is it just because of that? you both dislike me? am i that worst? after months i leave the house, i came back. i want a warm welcome. but what did i get? bad words from my own parents.

if you were me, you will understand. i love my parents, but do they love me? in this world, they say : all parents love their children. but, not my parents. yes, they love all their children, except me.

my thoughts, i think i should just be one of the helpers. it's better rather than crying in own house. next time i don't want to go back. they don't care about me, so, should i make them hate me more? it's better to make them forget about me. they don't even want to see me. it's ok,

if they don't love me, they hate me, it's ok. but please, don't show your hateness. i know i'm not BIJAK. they went to overseas, and so on. it's ok. that's all.

i'm don't like to tell anyone my problems. i'm just expressing my feelings here. i just keep it to myself. but it's too hard. thank you for reading.

p/s : Let the tears begin the flow from the first word till end .

i love you,

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back from Penang.

it's tiring. but at least, i'm still writing :D

okay, off the way for selaras two.
and say hello to semester exam :d

today, happy belated birthday for Iffa Fariza ;)

This is Iffa Fariza :) Birthday on 10th April 2009. Happy Birthday Iffa !
Wish :
@ Happy always. and smile always of course =D
@ Good luck in exams.
@ Our friendship will never end.
@ InsyaAllah, we will meet again :)
That's all. i love you as a good friend.
i love you,