Monday, June 1, 2009

First birthday wish on June :D

Hello. His name is Najee bin (idknow)..
today is a special day for him.
guess what?

Hari lahir ! :DD
okay, it's on 2nd June.
He is a Form four student.

Copy from his about me section in MYSPACE (:

About me:
im grateful on being born as najee . i like talk about others . i am really a sleepholic person . i like to USAHA people as well . not really actually . love to watch The Covenant . a no-anime-in-my-life person . and also a cat-holic . like to cheat people . most said im good , but im not as expected . im a love-outdoor-game person . use to receive imported things from other country . like Levi’s , Calvin Klein , Converse , DCShoeCousa . currently studying at a go-to-hell-principal boarding school . im addicted to strawberry . love pathetic people . hate miserable person . i hate on put too many pictures in my account . i enjoy reading comments . i prefer muzick than cartoons . prefer cartoons than edu . hate politics . love my cats . love to be well-known . love someone talk to me . like harry potter books a lot . currently waiting for SPM result . just get into 16 . suede sixteen . hate examination . love chemistry and modern mathematics . hate history and biology . hate sam or sut or din . hate nazih a lot . im so artistic . preferring GTA Vice City rather than GTA San Andreas . hate go to IOI mall . prefer Pavillion , Time Square , Mid Valley and Sunway Pyramid . love to hang . dislike shopping . window shopping just nice . like emoticons . currently living in Shah Alam . wish to go to United Kingdom again . traveling is in my blood . curios on knowing about famous people . universal music . no talk about too-hardcore music . not use to jazz . use to R&B . hate fat-think-thin people . hate just-say-it people . love surfing . internet as well . prefer phone than MP3 . prefer MP3 than MP4 . love Sony brand . dislike Philip brand . don’t know how to go to the Curve . like Golden Screen Cinemas and Tanjung Golden Village . dislike Cathay . currently using Nokia 7610 Supernova . prefer Britney than David Cook . paramore likes to run in my blood . love English muzick than malay . love to make chaos . creating my own simple boulevard . kinda awkward .lastly , unique .

Now , you know him :)

Happy Birthday, Najee !
May Allah bless you :D

nway, my birthday is on this month too
wish me on 19 June :)