Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday holiday back to school =]

Three weeks more : back to school!

I'm doing my best to get rid of back to school problem from my brain.haha,Tak tau laa cmne nak survive dengan homeworknye tak siap lagii..

Sumpa da tak tau ape nak buat da since homework byk lagi tak siap...arrgghhhh!!
My list for back to school things are soo messy because I don't have anyone to help me pack as my parents went for Haji.Barang2 sumenye da hampir siap pack for Penang.I really need help on pushing the things into my luggage.haha
My list :)

1. Pencil box
2. Toothpaste
3. Berus gigi laa
4. Coloured paper
5. Invisible paper =]
6. Battery C size
7. Oxy 5
8. Berus basuh baaju
9. Uniform, hm..
10. Stationery

and many mooore..
Homework..serious belambak!

Tak ley kate pape da ley survive lg la.Kalau tak da lame matii..
Nway,I really hope that next year something good will happen.
I don't want to make more problem here since I will
be 14.4 flat seriously is my target now.Just pray,study,hoping and let Allah set the future..


Penang Mali =]