Saturday, December 27, 2008

Updates on designing blog :)

Currently designing my blog's headline using

it's kinda hard as the streamyx is getting worst ! i'll try to struggle to get the best for your view.
Ouh.. and and i changed my headline phrases too ! i

t's like the story of a sticky note girl.when she is needed they call her, but when they don't need her they just throw her away as it is the sticky note.i know her feelings because she is just like me.she's just hoping for a cute cat prince to save her life from the sticky note rubbish life.

may the sticky note girl and the cat prince live happily ever after.
the end.. haha that's the story =)
You know what? she wants the CAT prince to come and rescue her because she loves cat veryy much ! :DD
That's all for now.. it's 2.58 am . i'm sleepy ollready .
nitey nite.

I wish that he will come and save me . Who is he? I don't know. Wait for the future :8

Thank you for your support.